Fatima Zahrae Tarib,
Youth Climate Activist

“Youth” is typically used to identify people between childhood and adulthood. Within the climate movement, it’s about community, empowerment and creating a unified front. The Youth have become one of the most prominent groups in the climate fight. We are putting our feet down, claiming spaces in talks and negotiations about the crises we have inherited. It’s our future and ultimately it is up to us to secure it.

After all, we are the ancestors of future generations.

The Youth hold the power, agency and creativity to redefine what our world will look like. We are a connected and exceptional generation, harnessing power and determination around unity and hope for a future free of polluters.

Being young has carried negative connotations when it comes to participating around the adults’ table in conversations characterized as “too complicated, too advanced or too serious” for us.

We have taken leadership in the climate movement by showing tenacity and will power by forming new spaces, roundtables and conversations about our futures, which have changed this narrative: from “underqualified kids” to important invitees, our existence and presence are becoming more present and valued. And we are demanding that respect. Age should not be a factor to decide how seriously we are taken, especially when it comes to securing our future. In our unity and collective youth, we need to make sure we are not intimidated and lead instead with informed optimism.

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