Jada L. Kennedy,
Intersectional Activist, Black environmentalist 

Since we are all a product of the system that we are fighting against, it is not new that obstacles occur. The climate justice activist scene provides a more open minded space to think and explore your unapologetic self, but also provides information on ableist, racist, sexist, etc. issues. Informing yourself and being at peace with who you are is a rebellious act of self love and climate justice.

Being unapologetically human could mean standing up for yourself and your community when challenging this broken system. It means changing the way you live, adapting your lifestyle, and not supporting the system that harms you. It means doing the best you can with the resources you have available. It means questioning and deconstructing what information has been pushed upon us (roles in society, sexuality, class, unspoken hierarchy, worthiness of womanhood, femininity, and masculinity). It means exploring who you are beyond what society says, and realizing that this is enough.

Living a sustainable life is expensive, and for most people it is unaffordable. Unapologetically doing the best you can—without burdening yourself—allows you to move and take further action. Systemic challenges and obstacles exist, but being unapologetically human means not limiting yourself and invalidating the catalyst for change that you are. It means holding yourself accountable and doing better next time. Walking through life unapologetically is advocating for liberation. Queer liberation. Black, Indigenous, POC, and environmental liberation.

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