Regenerative Cultures

Daze Aghaji,
Climate Justice, Regeneration & Well-being Activist

Regenerative Cultures are ways of being that hold restoration and rejuvenation at their heart, aiming to breed societies that are based on care and resilience. Only through a cultural shift in how our societies and communities relate to the Earth can we achieve the systemic changes we so desperately need. Actions only change after minds have changed. This cultural shift needs to be grounded in radical care: bringing the marginalised and oppressed to the forefront. We need to learn to acknowledge the worth of everyone and everything. We are all creatures of the Earth, and to heal the Earth we all need to look after ourselves and each other.

We believe a regenerative culture includes a healthy focus on the mutually supporting categories of: Self Care (how we take care of ourselves and purge the toxic system); Interpersonal care (how we relate to one another); Community care (how we take care of our development as a network and community); Action care (how we take care of each other during Activism); And people and planet care (how we relate to the planet).  
Regenerative cultures are about bringing the focus from the individual to the relational. We are all dependent on one another. We are all in this together.

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