Valentin Abend,
Architect and Project Coordinator for Polluters Out

Polluters are groups, companies and individuals who participate in linear extractivism. They form any link in the take–make–waste line, hurting other people and the planet in the process.

Consider waste as any object, material or element that cannot feed back into a regenerative cycle. Examples include ocean plastics and human-caused greenhouse gases. Polluting can be done consciously or unconsciously.

The polluters that have contributed the most to the climate crisis act consciously, extracting fossil fuels to feed illusory models of infinite economic growth despite finite resources. They incite environmental injustice and forced migration.

While the climate justice movement threatens the power they claw, they play with smoke and mirrors to mask their true intentions. Polluters stand on plinths built by banks, branding firms, government subsidies and endowments.
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