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Climate Words is a photographic work with a focus on words that have emerged with the Climate Justice movement. Some are positive, they shed light on some of the barriers we have overcome. And others are negative, born from some brick walls that stand in our way. The movement is diverse. These words and images reflect its intersectionality. The movement is layered. The project invites you into an interconnected series of words in the English language that collectively grow and veer around the movement. The collection of images and words is updated regularly.

Pamela EA

Documentary Photojournalist (MA) & Multimedia Storyteller

Pamela is a documentary photographer, and explorer from Mexico focusing on gender equality and minority representation. Over the past five years, her work has focused on documenting the youth-led climate justice movement, primarily in New York and London, as well as at events such as the United Nations Climate Conference, COP26.

Pamela manages campaigns and projects for Latinas for Climate, an international network she co-founded for young feminists pursuing intersectional climate justice in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Pamela is a team member of Sea Women's 2022 ocean research and winter snorkel expedition to Norway's Arctic fjords, which she will be documenting with images and sharing with the world through multimedia storytelling.

(1) pamelaea.com
(2) latinasforclimate.org

Valentin Abend

Architect (MSc Arch.) & Sustainable Systems Educator

Valentin is an architect, climate justice advocate and university teacher from Spain. Since 2019, his advocacy has focused on divestment campaigns, mostly working with student organisers in the climate justice movement. 

Valentin teaches Sustainable Systems at Parsons School of Design in New York, a course about understanding the climate crisis along with its causes, impacts, challenges and solutions, and integrating climate knowledge into a wide  range of design practices. 

Valentin has worked for leading architecture studios, as well as his own, where he integrated circular design ideas in a project for a large eco community. He has been invited as a guest critic to architecture schools in New York and London. 

As Project Coordinator for Polluters Out, he led a campaign for COP 26 and together with Pamela completed training with Fossil Free University and Sociocracy for All (self-governance systems for horizontal organisations). 

(1) studioabend.com
(2) pollutersout.org


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