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Arc’teryx SoHo, Earth Month Exhibition and Panel Discussion

25 April, 2023, 7pm
New York City
Come listen to a conversation about the language of tomorrow hosted by Arc’teryx ambassador Pamela EA, through a photo exhibition and panel discussion about “Climate Words” on Tuesday, April 25th 7pm at Arc’teryx SoHo.

Join ecofeminist activist Catalina Santelices, nonbinary artist, actor and climate justice activist Jes Vesconte and architect and sustainable systems educator Valentin Abend in conversation with Pamela EA about the words that inspire change. The panel will be followed by music, snacks, and drinks, as well as an in-person raffle for a Beta AR Jacket, an Atom Hoody  and a Mantis 26 Backpack.

*Attendance to this event is RSVP only! Seating is limited, so if you RSVP and are unable to make it, please cancel your reservation via your email confirmation. Thanks in advance!

Guggenheim, Late Shift x The Young Climate Prize

21 April, 2023, 7pm
New York City
This event will highlight the projects by the 25 visionary Young Climate Prize finalists.

Guests will have the opportunity to view short films about the projects, listen to talks between Design Champions, participate in sustainable artmaking activities, embark on self-guided tours of the museum’s iconic architecture and exhibitions, and connect with the finalists as well as other guests.

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Guggenheim, The World Around Summit 2023

22 April, 2023, 12pm
New York City
There will be a Young Climate Prize Award Ceremony that will start at 5pm, where Pamela will be presented as the Young Climate Voice 2023 on behalf of Climate Words, followed by a panel discussion with Beatrice Galilee.

Join The World Around at the Guggenheim Museum in NYC to meet the now, near and next of architecture. Our all-day convening will be packed with inspiring, engaging people and filled with mind-expanding conversations from some of the world’s leading practitioners in design, art, film and architecture. Watch in person as we will hear from award-winning designers as well as new works and ideas from emerging voices.

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ETH Unmasking Space, Climate Lexicon – Climate Words

16 March, 2023
Zurich, Switzerland
A workshop on intersections between architecture, climate, activism and language, possible paths as an architect in an age of climate crisis and the meanings of the words we use.


Climate Justice Camp

September, 2022
Nabeul, Tunisia
Almost 400 climate activists participated in the Climate Justice camp, strengthening a movement of solidarity across more than 65 countries around the Global South, in the lead-up to the 27th UN climate summit in Egypt. 

Climate Words held a capacity-building training around organizing systems and sociocracy, supporting resilient movements.

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