Eco Anxiety

Ayisha Siddiqa,
Poet and Co-Founder of Polluters Out

I have noticed time and time again that eco anxiety is used by people in the Global North, especially white people, to discuss a topic that they have not experienced.

It is portrayed as a fear of the future based on science and the IPCC, among other second hand information. It is a fear of what is to come, and it is very different from people who have experienced climate disaster.

Theirs is a true eco anxiety, and it is closer to a PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder). And for that reason, I would say that the term eco anxiety has been watered down and normalized.

It seems tight and trivial when people use it as a response to second hand information. Perhaps stress about the world is more appropriate. The term eco anxiety has been exploited and over-used as a way for people, who have not been affected by the climate crisis, to draw attention to themselves.
Selva Lacandona, Mexico © 2021, Pamela EA

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