We are working on our digital lexicon, coming soon. Our mission is to promote climate literacy. Did you know increased climate literacy correlates directly with increased climate action?

Words are fundamental carriers of meaning in language. We are curating an extensive lexicon of key words, written by experts on the frontlines. Definitions are supported by factual context, books, bibliographies, photography, stories, interviews and further reading. We are creating an accessible database for effective climate communication.

Help us turn this project into a reality! Become a patron, sponsor, partner or donor. Visit our archive and social media. Email hello@climatewords.org for more information. Stay tuned.

Individual Donors

Increased climate literacy = increased climate action. With your support, we can empower students, writers and thinkers to take control of their word choice. Every bit helps.

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Brand Partnerships

Do we align with your sustainability values? We offer your brand the opportunity to support climate education at this critical time.

  1. Sponsor educational content, such as a word series or story. You select the words, we take care of the rest.

  2. Co-host or sponsor an event, such as a panel discussion, workshop or exhibition to bring community together, promote climate eduction, and contribute to collective learning. Make it about an area of knowledge your brand aligns with.

  3. Support our initiative by making an in-kind or direct donation, such as software, recording equipment, licenses, prints, venue space and transportation, or collaborate on sustainable merch, all moving us towards our aims, while highlighting your brand.

Curious to learn more? Show your climate commitments and reach out to hello@climatewords.org today. 

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Currently, only 3% of philanthropic giving goes to the environment. Our planet needs more support and the 1% for the Planet® network is on a mission to change that.

Consider supporting our organization as a part of your 1% commitment. Visit our organization’s directory page, where we include further information about programming.

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