Andreia Galvão
Fridays for Future Portugal Organiser
Today’s aggressive capitalist system is driven at its core by the maximisation of profit, regardless of social and ecological costs. This model is incompatible with a just and sustainable future. Moving away from Modernist development and the illusion of infinite economic growth is essential in the pursuit of an economy that prioritises responses to social needs, wellbeing and environmental equilibrium.

A new developmental paradigm means putting an end to the egregious waste of resources under capitalism, which is driven by large-scale production of useless and harmful products. It means questioning the systemic exploitation of resources, communities and territories in the Global South.

The logic of infinite development has been taught to us as inevitable. The climate justice movement aims to show the absurdity of the extractivist model and open an urgent world of possibilities for solving the most pressing challenge modern civilisations have faced.
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