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Climate Colonialism

Ellen Monielle,
Eco Fada, MUNIS
They invaded us.
And even today, with an end to historical colonial administration, they continue to invade us.
We cannot deny the colonialist influences on climate change.
Its roots were fostered there, born from colonialism.
And as they grew complex problems, they raised shallow solutions.

Their solutions present nothing new behind colonial curtains of “development”, “progress” and “goals”.
Promises are made, carbon credits are offset;
agreements are signed, and green models are announced.
They call it a “revolution”.

They dare to use the word “revolution” to describe a new system of oppression,
while they pursue the commercialization of nature and the exploitation of territory.
They establish “sustainable solutions”,
and dare to instruct indigenous and traditional lives on how to care for the nature around them.
These are new dynamics for old interests.

As colonialism, capitalism and white supremacy bleeds into climate policies,
hope is lost.
If they resist, we have to re-exist.
(1) Colonialism, the climate crisis, and the need to center Indigenous voices

(2) Climate colonialism and the EU’s Green Deal
Collete Levy-Brown, Glasgow © 2021, Pamela EA

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