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Words are fundamental carriers of meaning in language. We are curating an extensive lexicon of key words, written by experts on the frontlines. Definitions are supported by factual context, books, bibliographies, photography, stories, interviews and further reading. We are creating an accessible database for effective climate communication.

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Climate Action

Marte Skaara,
Founder of Climate Illustrated

Climate Action is far more than cutting emissions.

On the system level, it requires countries and institutions to take responsibility for their contribution to climate change, support communities on the frontlines, and put people and planet over profit.

On the personal level, it is a commitment to being in action; becoming sustainable by deepening our connection to the land, the ocean, and each other - including all the wonderful species that have a home on this marvellous planet moving through space.

Climate action must be transformative, because by now, radical change is the only thing that can save us. Climate action transforms values, worldviews and paradigms - the very things that shape our systems and our lives.
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